Access the power of The Five Elements

for health, radiance and harmony



Do you seek inner calm, energetic fluency and the ability to manifest a life you love? 


Do you want to apply the wisdom of Chinese Medicine to your life?

This course will show you how to know and grow yourself through the lens of Five Element energy cultivation.

You will discover how the deep wisdom of the Five Elements relates to you and learn how to take care of yourself, naturally throughout the seasons with Acupressure, Qi cultivation and Essential Oils. 

If you’re ready to learn how to simply and consistently elevate your life, 


Welcome to The Five.

“Angela is a living example of the benefits of Chinese Medicine, such a fresh shiny soul and a loving guide, full of wisdom and humility. I love this course and have been able to use it in my daily life since the very first day, integrating more and more nourishing gifts each time I go over my notes. This is true self-healing, I feel more harmony in my body and my energy system than ever before. Thank you thank you!!!” - Alumni of The Five

The  Five is designed as a guide to familiarise yourself with the basics of Chinese medicine and to incorporate these powerful principles into your life immediately to create inner and outer harmony. 

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Next course intake: February 2021

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“Angela’s unique style and her knowledge are truly inspiring, she manages to present a lot of valuable information in a simple and effective way. The FIVE course was so uplifting that I wouldn't have wanted to miss it!” - Alumni of The Five